Our purpose is to inspire children and young people to see the world, other people and themselves in new ways, through discovering the stories of others.

LifeJackets kids collaborating

Every day we make choices that affect the people around us and the planet we share. Our vision is of more young people negotiating these choices with a better sense of what ‘living a good life’ means for them.

To bring this about, we run reading challenges, and ‘book club’ style discussions. Our activities are run by schools and clubs for children (aged 7-11) that they work with.

We choose different themes for the books and poems we select. Young people tell us that they are concerned about the same big issues that adults are, so our themes are significant ones. Our first theme is ‘Home’.

Take a look at our 2016-17 annual report or visit our Get involved page and find out more about what we do:

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