Our purpose is to help children understand today’s big questions through stories and poems

LifeJackets kids collaborating

We choose books and poems with different themes. Young people tell us that they are concerned about the same big issues that adults are, so our themes are significant. So far they include housing, refugees and now climate change.

We carry out our work by creating free resources for schools and youth clubs. We seek creative ways to ensure our resources are useful and relevant, while also being hopeful for children and teachers taking part.

Now available! Our free new resource for teachers on climate change and protecting the environment is available now. Designed for use with Key stage 2 to adults, it includes a challenging and hopeful reading and debating points that connect how we feel about our world, with ways we may need to change in future.

Statement about LifeJackets from the Trustees:.

Dear friends of LifeJackets,
Looking back on a successful six years the time has come to close this chapter and LifeJackets will be wound up at the end of June. We want to say a huge thank you for support from teachers, students and the LifeJackets family. Everything we’ve achieved has been your achievement. We’re delighted to have reached so many children, sharing poems, stories and new perspectives. Hearing the perspectives children brought to the project has been a jot to all involved!
Our communications will be live until the end of June. Please do keep sharing our resources till then and using them as long as feels helpful. A massive thank you to everyone who has supported us in the last six years. Keep reading and sharing your thoughts!
All best wishes,
The team at LifeJackets.