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Child smiling at LifeJackets activity

About LifeJackets

Our vision

That young people and children will be equipped to negotiate complex ethical and social questions thoughtfully, in ways they feel have integrity.

Our aims 

  • To promote understanding among children and young people of the lives and experiences of those who may be considered ‘other’.
  • Foster greater awareness of social, global and ethical issues among children and young people, in a hopeful, empowering and age-appropriate way.
  • Encourage and equip young people to develop their own ethical framework to navigate complex and everyday issues.

And to inspire a love of reading, which is a pathway to all of the above.

Our ethos

Projects that we undertake will be designed and run in accordance with our ethos, which is:

  • There is no right or wrong reaction to a book. Because everyone is different, everyone will bring their own experiences and interpretations to a book. Readers will not always be struck by the same themes and ideas in the same text; they will take different things from it. This difference is the richness of life and we welcome it.
  • We want to inspire and encourage children and young people. Hope is key to this and we will bear this in mind when selecting books and materials.
  • Literacy is vital and we wholeheartedly wish to foster it among children and young people. However, it is a secondary goal of LifeJackets. Our priority is for readers to engage with the stories and ideas they find in our books.
  • All children and young people who take part should feel safe at all times.
  • Above all, LifeJackets should be an enjoyable experience. We are here to help foster the next generation of thoughtful and empathetic adults and while we want our themes to challenge our readers to see the world differently, it is important that the overall learning experience is fun, creative and engaging.

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