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Frequently Asked Questions

What data do you collect, store and use?

Please find our data policy here:

LifeJackets data policy 2018

Do you cater for differing reading styles and ages?

We hope that lots of children and young people will enjoy taking part in LifeJackets, whatever their reading ability. Literacy is important but our primary focus is engagement with a story. We aim to offer a wide and flexible choice of books, to be settled on by the leaders who will be running the activities. We are also interested to hear of books without words.


Can individuals take part?

If you would like your child to take part, please contact us with details of a school or youth club you’d like us to contact to discuss their participation.

Data protection – what information will LifeJackets collect about children taking part?

We are keen not to have any more information than we need. We will invite some schools to help us evaluate by sharing the activity sheets their children complete. The sheets ask childrens’ ages but no other information. If schools want to identify whose work is whose, we suggest using initials.  Schools not returning activity sheets to us can use full names.

Accordingly, any contact with children will be through the organisation they take part with. Whenever we invite feedback we will strongly encourage adult supervision.

Is LifeJackets a religious organisation?

LifeJackets is not aligned to any religion, though we recognise that the desire to live with integrity and the process of asking questions of oneself to achieve that, are resonant with many, if not all, religions. We also recognise that the desire to live with integrity is not limited to those with a faith.

Find out more on our About us page or contact us with any LifeJackets query you may have.