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Hey, teacher – Back to School!

You may want to cling on to the holiday spirit but it’s worth planning your Back to School.

LifeJackets has teamed up with teachers and a project management planner to put together 10 top tips for teachers to make sure you have a smooth return to school. Jenny Follett gives you the rundown…

 1 – Get the free LifeJackets reading challenge

It includes worksheets and poems for 7-11 year-olds. You can download it from the LifeJackets website.

2 – Digital detox

Do as you say, teacher! When planning, your mobile will distract you, even if it’s on silent. Keep it out of sight.

3 – Have a break

Apparently, we can only concentrate for 45 mins. Try listening to 45 minutes of concentration music on YouTube.

4 – Get out

Most good ideas don’t come from sitting in front of the laptop. Need inspiration? Go for a walk, swim, run – anything, just get out!

5 – Power nap

A 20-minute sleep can boost our brain function, increasing productivity and creativity – zzzzzz……

6 – Check out the classroom

Can you get in! Do you need to get new keys? Make sure you’re happy with the setup.

7 – Catch up with the caretaker…

…and other key staff who look after your classroom – maybe it’s a good idea to give them that spare bottle of Chianti

8 – Know your class

Get hold of the class list with photos, learn difficult names and think about who may need extra help.

9 – Get Smart

Remind yourself of how the smart boards and computers work….. Are they working?

10 – Prepare your uniform

Steve Jobs wore the same clothes every day so he didn’t have to waste valuable time – prepare your wardrobe!

 – Good luck all and don’t forget to download your free LifeJackets pack