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Taking part in a LifeJackets activity

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How would LifeJackets work in my organisation?

When would the Lifejackets Reading Challenge fit into my day?

LifeJackets can work at a school or youth club. The free activities have been completed in a range of sessions, such as:

  • a small literacy or reading group
  • RE, PSHE or English lessons (it can also help fulfill SMSC obligations).
  • a book group
  • youth work in a structured group setting.

How does the LifeJackets reading challenge work?

Step 1. Register with LifeJackets and receive your book list, with discussion point ideas and activities.

Step 2. Choose a book or poem from our list.

Step 3. Read the poem or book together, or individually, then talk about it as a group.

Step 4. The children tell us what they learned by answering a question on our activity sheet (this can involve drawing or writing). Each child who takes part will also receive a certificate.

Register to enter the challenge. The challenge is open to schools and youth organisations in England, from 4th June 2018 till 31 May 2019.

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Child taking part in LifeJackets

I’m a child or young person

Welcome to LifeJackets. We want you to be excited and interested by what you read, to discover characters you love and new authors you can’t wait to read more of. Most of all though, we hope the books you read give you a glimpse of life in someone else’s shoes because this is something which leads people to see the world differently.

We hope that when you have to make decisions about the right thing to do, the books you read with us will have given you thoughts and ideas that help you. Also we hope you have a lot of fun and we look forward to hearing how you find the books!

If you’d like to take part, please ask your parent or carer to help you get in touch with us. Or you can ask a teacher or youth worker to contact us directly.

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I’m a parent – tell me more

We want children taking part in LifeJackets to have a lot of fun, encounter new ideas and develop a habit of reading for pleasure. If you would like your child to take part, please contact us with details of a school or youth club you’d like us to contact to discuss their participation. At the moment LifeJackets activities are only run directly through partner agencies.

Data protection – what information will LifeJackets collect about my child?

We will ask organisations running our activities to submit the first names and the ages of children taking part, so we can see how children of different ages respond to our activities. It also helps us draw winners for competitions we run.

We will not ask for surnames or other identifying details of participants. Schools, clubs and libraries will have the option of entering children under their first names and completing their participation certificates themselves.

We won’t contact your child directly. Any contact will be through the organisation they take part with. Whenever we invite feedback we will strongly encourage adult supervision.

Reading ability

LifeJackets tries to use as wide a selection of books as possible to give those running our activities a broad choice of content, style and ability, to try to keep our activities open to as many children as possible.

We have a Frequently Asked Questions page, which may help you. If you have a query not addressed by the website or you’d like to put us in touch with a school or library who may be interested in taking part, please contact us.

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