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Helping children reflect on refugees and ‘home’

LifeJackets founder Carrie Comfort on why we included refuge & migration in our ‘home’ reading challenge?

I started LifeJackets just as the refugee crisis unfolded around us in 2015. I was already starting to plan our first reading challenge themed on ‘home’ and the issue felt too big to ignore.

The moment it really struck me was when I stopped at a service station on a family car journey one bank holiday. I flicked through a newspaper and saw a colour picture of this family. They were dressed practically for a walk or picnic, wearing jeans and sweatshirts, and had just climbed through a fence to reach safety in Hungary.

Armed police reached for them and the father, who ran ahead with a small child, looked back at the mother screaming behind them. She was clearly unable to get away. This family was dressed like ours, and as I looked around the service station, I knew that family in the picture could have been any of us.

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